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IGT Leaders Retreat 2023

Boracay, Philippines

GROW, EARN, and DOMINATE in 2023…

JOIN us for 3 DAYS of PM Leadership Learning, Networking and Fun!

Wed 3rd, Thurs 4th and Fri 5th May 2023 in Boracay, Philippines

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25 Ways to Stop Office Interruptions

25 WAYS to STOP Office Interruptions

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We’ll show you…25 Different WAYS!

Have you struggled with these common owner PM fee objections?

‘If you can match your fee with the other agent down the road’
‘But the other agent can do it cheaper, can you?’
‘But the other agent will discount, why can’t you?’
‘But the other agent doesn’t charge those fees?’

If so, here’s the best scripts and responses available so you can win.

Win your fees with 10 scripts to overcome the biggest fee discount in your property management company
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