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Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th of October 2020
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The PM Growth and Performance Webinar Series

The PM Growth and Performance Webinar Series

Whether you’re a business owner, a BDM (Business Development Manager), a property manager or you’re part of the property management team – this series has plenty for you!

These 22 webinar sessions are delivered by three of the world’s best Property Management Growth and Performance coaches. Collectively, Deniz Yusuf, Michael Sanz and Darren Hunter have personally signed up over 2000 managements/doors and successfully managed thousands of rental properties over their PM careers.

Watch live, or watch the recordings – your choice!

BDM Empower- Webinar Series

The BDM ‘How-To Handbook’ has just been written.

Whether you’re a Business Development Manager (a BDM), thinking of hiring one or you manage BDM’s then this 12-part webinar series is for you.

Delivered over 12 months from two of the world’s best BDM coaches, Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz have between them personally signed up over 1500 managements/doors.

Be confident and know you’re being coached by the very best so you can generate the most successful, sustainable growth results for you and your PM Company.

Book your seat, buckle up your seat belt and get ready for real BDM expertise and ‘KNOW-HOW’ delivered directly to you and your team to GROW your PM Company to better and more effective results than you ever thought was possible!

The Secret Shopper Files Podcast

Experience the JOURNEY through the eyes of your Prospective Owner.
When you KNOW what they WANT…you’ll know how to DOMINATE with new business.

Welcome to the ‘Secret Shopper Files’ Podcast show. In each episode we ‘secret shop’ up to TEN agencies in Australia, New Zealand, the USA or in the UK, and reveal the results.

BDM Club
BDM Training via Zoom
This coaching program is perfect for bringing your Business Development Manager (BDM) alongside other like-minded BDM’s to get the maximum growth results through coaching, accountability and motivation from our Super PM Coaches Deniz Yusuf, Michael Sanz and Darren Hunter (with specialist guest trainers from time to time).

Inspired Growth Podcast

The PM Growth Experts Show- Video and Audio Podcasts

If you’re signing up over 15 managements a month then that’s great. If not then learn from those who are. Darren Hunter and Deniz Yusuf host this podcast series where we interview the very best PM growth experts and BDM’s on the planet.

IGT Exclusive Members
IGT Exclusive Member
You become who you associate yourself with and when you become an IGT Exclusive Member you’ll be connected with some of the best PM business owners, Property Managers and BDM’s in the industry.

Together with special event ticket rates, deals and access to exclusive member training days and webinar training plus the IGT Exclusive Members Portal (recorded training videos) your membership will give a strong return on investment again and again with lots of value.

Win Your Fees Property Management FREE download

Have you struggled with these common owner PM fee objections?

  • ‘If you can match your fee with the other agent down the road’
  • ‘But the other agent can do it cheaper, can you?’
  • ‘But the other agent will discount, why can’t you?’
  • ‘But the other agent doesn’t charge those fees?’

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